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About Tuscany vacations
We are all too familiar with the phrase, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” But, whilst traveling to Rome (or, for that matter, to Milan, Florence or Venice, Italy), have you ever stopped to think about whether or not you’re truly doing as the Romans do?

Do you, for example, tour Florence to actively search out the hole-in-the-wall restaurants for the most authentic Italian cuisine possible, or do you stick to the familiar “Golden Arches” for your dining pleasures? Maybe, whilst you’re on your Rome vacation you’d rather buy Prada, Gucci, and Armani straight from the retail racks; instead of saving a pretty penny purchasing these same name brands at highly discounted outlet malls that you’d only find if a Rome travel guide brought you to them.

Or, do you prefer going from your Venice, Rome, and/or Florence hotels, straight to world famous monuments, and back to hotels again; without even considering traveling to Italy on an Italian vacation package organized by an Italy tour operator that includes custom guided tours of Tuscany, luxurious tour accommodations in Umbria, and fine, wine tours in a Tuscan Villa?

If you’d prefer the first option of the aforementioned scenarios, we’d strongly recommend that you do business with the competition—we promise…no hard feelings! However, if the second options sound more appealing, then the Tuscany vacation of your dreams has arrived.

Tourism in Italy has existed for centuries. And, for centuries, Italy’s mystique and charm have marveled foreign visitors like no other place on earth--providing fond memories that last a lifetime. But, never has Italy’s map been offered to the world quit like she is today. Our global society has opened the door to integrated, diverse, personalized, and escorted tours of Italy that preserve and maintain her culture, history, and aura.

As a potential client, you must now be wondering, “How does Etaly Vacations distinguish itself from the competition?” This is a great question and it deserves a candid answer. Most tours do a good job of offering the Italian “highlights.” By doing so, they overlook Italy’s true pristine essences--serenity, hospitality, and romance. Etaly Vacations prides itself in providing our clients with the very “best kept Italian secrets”--taking you off the beaten path in places like Tuscany and bringing you face-to-face with real Italian life without sacrificing your lifestyle or Italy‘s quintessence.

If you should decide to take our tour of Tuscany or Umbria, you will have first hand access to experience and enjoy exactly what we’re talking about--a highly integrated, diverse, and personalized tour of Italian serenity, hospitality, and romance that gives you all the comforts of home, while truly offering “la dolce vita.” E-taly Vacations is dedicated towards bringing you:

Your life...Italian Style!

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